Restore and Rebuild

One of the main parts of the vision of River of Heaven Ministries (ROHM) is praise and worship. Specifically, prophetic praise and worship patterned after the Tabernacle of David. In Acts 15, James encourages the New Testament Church to look at the Tabernacle of David as an example of the type of worshipers God desires. We seek to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth and want to encounter His Glorious Presence every time we come together as a church family. Through music, song, and the arts, our goal is for everyone to experience God’s Presence and have a life-changing encounter with Him!


We are Changed and Transformed By His Word and in His Presence.


Transformation occurs as we spend time in the Lord’s Presence and as we hear and apply His Word. Destinies are realized, hearts are changed, and people are set free from sin and addiction. Our desire is for everyone to be changed and transformed from glory to glory to be more and more like the Lord Jesus Christ!


In the Bible, we look to the example of King David, the worshiping warrior, to understand a true heart of worship. God refers to David as a man after His own heart. David worshiped God with all his might and learned to linger in His Presence, no matter what he was going through. This time spent with God gave him the strength to overcome, the confidence to press forward, and the tenacity to pursue until he received all God promised him.


Using David’s example, we are taught how we should live our lives…overcoming in this world, strengthened by the Presence of God.


We invite you to come and worship with us.

What is the Tabernacle of David?


The Tabernacle of David refers to the tent that King David set up on Mt. Zion when He returned the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem (1 Chronicles. 15:1). Within this tent, a new order of worship was instituted which was unlike anything that preceded it. From the tribe of Levi, David appointed thousands of singers and musicians who ministered day and night to the Lord. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, they ministered, and this continued for 33 years. (1 Chronicles 16:37, 23:5, 25:6-7; 2 Samuel 5:5). It is understood that many of the Psalms were originally written and sung as prophetic songs of worship in David’s tabernacle. We know this order was established as an earthly pattern of Heaven, where worship never ceases! (Revelation 4)


The ministry to the Lord that took place combined Worship (Psalm 42, 150), Warfare (Psalm 2, 47, 149), and Intercession (Psalm 41, 43); all of which were done with a Prophetic nature. (Psalm 22). Most importantly, upon establishing this ministry to the Lord, David learned an invaluable lesson: With God’s Presence and Word comes transformation.


As a result of David’s zeal to properly prepare a place for the Presence and Word of God, all of Israel experienced God’s favor and blessings in the form of military victories, prosperity, and spiritual revival (1 Chronicles. 18). Kings and leaders through history who established this same Davidic order of worship saw very similar results. Solomon (2 Chronicles. 5-7), Joash (2 Chronicles. 23, 24), Hezekiah (2 Chronicles. 29), Josiah (2 Chronicles. 35), Ezra (Ezra 3), and Nehemiah (Nehemiah 12). Even when there were times of great apostasy and turning away from the Lord, whenever true worship was restored (Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth), the society was transformed, and the nation prospered.


What is the application for us today?

In Acts 15, the early Church discussed what New Testament worship was supposed to look like. The Apostle James answers this question by quoting Amos 9:11-12, which indicates the Mosaic order has passed away and the Davidic order of worship is to be the pattern for New Testament believers. As we enter into the Davidic order of Worship, God’s Presence dwells with His people, and a time of unprecedented harvest will take place. As a result, individuals and society as a whole will be transformed!